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24-25 May 2023 • Qosmo Hotel, Brasov, Romania

What’s happening in the world of work right now?

What are the opportunities that can come out of this rapidly-changing economic environment and what could all these mean for the HR industry?

Great People Inside’s high-caliber speakers and experts study the details and can illuminate market and HR trends to give you the best insights on what’s right around the corner. Learn how your organization can stay afloat and find opportunities for growth during these uncertain times. If you want your team to have a clearer idea of how the future of work and human resources might look, save your seat today for the upcoming Everything HR conference, on 24-25 of May, at Qosmo Hotel, Brasov, Romania.

A unique concept bringing together business representatives, entrepreneurs, managers, specialists and researchers in the field of human resources from all industries; psychologists, representatives of central and local authorities, large consulting companies, as well as internationally renowned experts from all around the world.


Great speakers, even greater ideas


Innovation, Strategy & Consumer
Behaviour Expert

Worldwide authority on future and evolving consumer behaviors. An expert on innovation and trends, he consults industry leaders and major corporations on future trends and strategic decision-making, runs innovation workshops, writes and speaks on trends.


Evil HR Lady

Evil HR Lady
Suzanne Lucas is a freelance writer who spent 10 years in corporate human resources, where she hired, fired, managed the numbers, and double-checked with the lawyers.

Founder & CEO – PTHR

Ranked Number 1 Most Influential Thinker in HR for 2022 by HR magazine.
International and 2x TEDx speaker and award-winning writer on the future of work, HR & learning.

Business & Performance Coach

Liene Uresina is the CEO of Liene Uresina Coaching, a performance and transformation coaching company with over 16 years of experience in business, personal development, and cultivating success.
As a certified NLP and hypnosis practitioner and one of 100 Tony Robbins business and performance coaches, Liene has both the formal background and track record to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals. Liene is also a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.
In addition to her successful coaching practice, Liene has recently become a best-selling author with her first book “…”, which teaches people how to live empowered and abundant lives, gain confidence, and live up to their fullest potential.
Liene first gained experience as a successful entrepreneur, founding and leading a fast-growing restaurant chain in Europe. However, it was her desire for a more fulfilling life that led her to start helping others transform their lives, leading to extraordinary business breakthroughs and thriving relationships.
Through her 1-on-1 coaching sessions and various online programs, Liene has worked with thousands of individuals and tens of thousands of people in online programs. She is passionate about empowering people to reach their full potential and strongly believes that success should be shared.
With her initial goal of helping 100,000 Latvian women embrace their strengths and talents, Liene has now set her sights on helping one million people across the globe.



Tibi Ușeriu was born 49 years ago in a lost village at the foot of the Călimani Mountains. His story begins in a family with serious problems related to domestic violence, a broken family in which he could hardly imagine a good life. He leaves the country before finishing high school in the hope of making his own way in the world. The entourage he finds himself in doesn’t help him much, so he takes a crime-ridden path that leads to a tough 10-year sentence in a maximum security prison in Germany. After serving his sentence, he returns home and joins his brother who runs the Socialist Tuition organization.

Volunteering, social and environmental projects led him to change his life. Within the Tășuleasa Social organization he participates, together with many volunteers, in the development of a mountain trail and is the organizer of the Via Maria Theresia marathon, which is already in its fifth edition and which gathers more than 700 athletes, he becomes an instructor at the Mountain Walking School, where he teaches participants the secrets of mountain walking, but also how they can overcome their fears, leave their comfort zone and live fulfilled lives. The Christmas Truck is happy to bring joy to the rural children it reaches year after year, and in spring, as part of the Good Day! Small Volunteers Day has the opportunity to encourage students to become responsible and involved in the problems of their community. He is an ambassador for the Via Transilvanica project, which aims to create a 1,000 km hiking trail across Transylvania from Drobeta-Turnu Severin to Putna.

But he’s not satisfied just with these accomplishments. His adrenaline-fueled life so far is pushing him towards a new way of life: he’s taking up running. He makes a passion out of pushing his limits. He takes part in mountain marathons at home and abroad, and his most notable victories come in the 6633 Arctic Ultra 620km race, which he won three times in a row in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

In 2020 he finished in 2nd place in the Yukon Arctic Ultra 500 km, 2021 Tour of the Giants 330 km and 2022 he wins the Lapland Arctic Ultra 500 km.

In September 2022 he runs 1400 km, from Putna to Drobeta-Turnu Severin, being also one of the initiators of the project.

Passionate about expeditions in extreme areas, in 2018 he participates in the highest mountain marathon in the world in the Himalayas.

He becomes an example for others and an encouragement for all those who want something and do not have the courage to change their lives.


Chapter Lead Employee Experience – Raiffeisen Bank Romania

More than 20 years’ experience in Human Resources, previously working for an international project.

Passionate about people development, team engagement, transforming ideas into valuable practices.

She graduated Economics, Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest and Master from Polytechnic University of Bucharest, complemented with post graduate studies from Aarhus Danish Technological Institute.

Work experience linked with the banking industry, large size banks, 15 years in Raiffeisen and 6 years in ERSTE BCR.

Topics covered and projects implemented in her human resources in banking working exposure: recruitment, training, organization and structure optimization, IT system for HR, employer branding, talent management, performance management, competency models, assessment & development centers, assessment using various tools, integration of a local Bank into an international Group, human resources business partnership, HR policies, AGILE methodology, Solution-focused coach.

Current position is Chapter Lead Employee Experience in Raiffeisen, where she works since 2008, gaining 15 years with the Bank, coordinating the team of People Business Partners, influencing and driving initiatives in order to improve effectiveness in business and building trusted relationship between Human resources and business with focus on the strategy.

She will share the Employee Value Proposition project from Raiffeisen Bank Romania.


Commercial Director – Edenred Romania & Benefit Systems

Ovidiu Bîrsă is the Commercial Director at Edenred Romania. In this role, he coordinates the commercial division, which brings together the activities of all departments with a direct impact on customer relations.

Ovidiu Bîrsă has 14 years of experience in sales and joined Edenred in 2010. With an entrepreneurial profile, oriented towards creative and innovative solutions, Ovidiu has rapidly evolved in various coordination roles in the commercial area and has always sought to understand in depth the businesses of clients and partner merchants.


HR Director – Sphera Franchise Group

Emilia is the HR Director at Sphera Franchise Group, the largest group in the Romanian food service industry, owning the companies that operate under franchise brands such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut Delivery and Taco Bell brands.

With over 20 years of experience in HR and a career path that includes diverse roles within the HR function, Emilia is an agent of transformation in the company and leverages human capital development opportunities, supporting organizational performance and continuous progress.

Emilia holds a Masters degree in Management Strategy and Policy and is CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) certified.

“Energy, effort, emotions and skills are the most important investments employees make in a company. When we manage to keep these investors with us, we get to see what the future will look like in our companies”, is Emily’s motto.


Director of Communications – Philip Morris Romania

Emma Zeicescu joined Philip Morris Romania after a career of more than two decades in television, print and online media. She has a degree in journalism and specialises in Breaking News and Talk-Show. She has worked with Realitatea TV (2006-2016), Televiziunea Română (2016-2019) and Gândul (2020-21). She is a certified trainer, consultant and trainer in communication and public speaking. She loves relevant communication, mentoring, creativity and believes in the power of every human being to build and reinvent himself.


Co-Founder – Mind Architect

Shortly, first and foremost, Dorin is in charge of leadership. He learns about it every day, has been teaching for about 10 years and has been practicing for about 25 years.

Dorin has experience in the management of several teams of very different sizes, from a few people to teams of thousands of members. He is passionate about effective communication and positive leadership, being a passionate follower of the idea that any vision should be developed on creating value through and for people

Dorin holds an MBA from Warwick University in the UK, is a certified trainer and consultant on Human Synergistics’ LifeStyle Inventory (LSI & GSI) models, a certified trainer on the PCM ® (Process Communication Model) personality model, a DISC personality model certified trainer and has a certification of Senior Practitioner Coach from the Neuromindfulness Institute.

As a trainer, Dorin is especially inspired to deliver courses in the area of ​​leadership, management and consulting, with a focus on behavioral analysis and, of course, integrating neuroscience into the courses he teaches.

Dorin is also a successful podcaster, co-founding two podcasts: Mind Architect (mindarchitect.ro), a podcast on applied neuroscience in everyday life, and the Network (reteaua.transistor.fm), a podcast about   the stories from the Romanian IT landscape.


Managing Director – SPOR & HackingWork

Doru Șupeală is a marketing, management and business consultant, Managing Director of SPOR – School for Responsible People, CEO of Playmaker Consulting, producer of the podcast “Hacking Work”, lecturer of the marketing module of the Executive MBA program of Transilvania Executive Education and author of the books “Employer Branding 100%” (2021) and “Experience makes the difference” (2017).

He has been a director in marketing, communication or procurement in several local or multinational companies, including Selgros, IKEA, Betfair Romania, Onyx Beacon, Ramada Brasov or InNuts Fund. Between 1993 and 2000 he was a journalist and a press, radio and TV manager for ProTV and Mix Media Radio Brasov group. In November 2022, the Hacking Work team he coordinates received the Podcast Award at the Romanian PR Awards.

He completed in 2019 an Executive MBA “with Distinction” at Hull University Business School in the UK, has a BA and MA in Marketing from Babeș Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca and graduated in the 1990s from the Faculty of Philology, Romanian-French section, at Transilvania University in Brasov. She completed a PhD at Babeș Bolyai University with a thesis on the management of creativity and innovation, in which she analyzed the climate for innovation and the business results generated in organizations in the software industry (a research conducted in 56 companies, with over 1600 respondents).


Sales Manager – UCMS by AROBS

Anca has almost 20 years of experience in sales and business development. She joined the UCMS by AROBS team 6 months ago, considering that her personal values identify with those of the company, including: teamwork, people orientation, focus on product and service quality, and passion for continuous development.

In the last 10 years, Anca has been part of companies that offer software solutions dedicated to human resources departments. Therefore, Anca understands very well the challenges faced by people working in HR, on a daily basisfrom recruitment processes to the efforts dedicated to staff retention and improving the employee experience.


Director of Sales – Romanian Software

Aurelian Chitez is the Director of Sales @Romanian Software, one of the leaders in the human resources software market through the colorful.hr platform.

Aurelian has over 10 years of experience in promoting digital solutions that support the work of HR departments through intelligent process automation software. All this time, thanks to the team he has formed, colorful.hr has become a reliable partner for over 700 businesses across the country.

When it comes to real trends and problems faced by HR specialists, Aurelian has the most valuable insights, but he is ready to come up with the best solutions. His goal is to give businesses a chance to not only keep up with change but to thrive.


Tax & Legal Manager –
Romanian Software

Mihaela Colesnic is the Tax & Legal Manager @Romanian Software one of the leaders in the human resources software market through the colorful.hr platform.

For over 10 years, Mihaela has been making labour and tax law easier to understand. She is a consultant, trainer and shares a little of what she knows whenever she gets the chance. With a solid economic and legal background, she manages to explain cases in a way that makes sense to everyone and finds solutions to each legislative challenge.

She organizes regular refresher courses for Wage and Human Resources Inspectors, and the 100% positive feedback from former participants justifies both her competence and passion for what she does.

To this day, she has helped dozens of companies, supported the professional development of hundreds of people as a trainer and always shared HR best practices.


Global Strategic Alliances Director – TotalSoft

Mihai has a tremendous amount of experience in the field of Human Resources, gaining in over 15 years of activity a comprehensive vision on technologies, strategies and good practices in this field. Starting from the most basic needs of the HR department, such as payroll or general management, to career planning or talent management, Mihai believes in adopting sound principles of Human Capital and integrating them into the organizational culture of any company. Mihai has a Master’s Degree in marketing and strategic management from the University of Economic Studies in Bucharest and joined TotalSoft in 2016, taking over the responsibility of leading the division of the most popular software in Romania dedicated to human capital management – Charisma HCM.


CEO & Founder TRG International

Rick is a true master of the business coaching craft. His proven track record of helping companies and individuals achieve unprecedented levels of success is a testament to his unparalleled ability to combine business experience with coaching interventions. Through systematic processes and unwavering commitment to employee empowerment, Rick is able to translate vision into actionable steps that propel his clients forward towards their goals and milestones.

As a serial entrepreneur with a knack for scaling businesses in multiple industries, Rick has achieved repeated success and created a multimillion-dollar company servicing clients in 80 countries, including half of the top 20 hotel chains and several Fortune 500 businesses. His diverse background includes stints as an executive coach, entrepreneur, techie, baby boomer, and professional bean counter (earning him the prestigious FCMA CGMA FCPA designation). With over 40 years of experience spanning supermarkets, accounting, breweries, newsagents, defence manufacturing, IT, talent, F&B, property development, and BP, Rick is a true veteran of the business world.

After being posted as Finance Manager to BP China, Rick relocated to BP Vietnam in 1990, making him likely the longest-serving Brit and one of the most seasoned expats in Vietnam. His formidable presence in the Vietnam business sphere is evidenced by his extensive involvement in various organizations, including serving as Treasurer and Board Member of BritCham Vietnam, Chair and Vice-Chair of AMCHAM HCMC IT Group, Chair of EuroCham IT Committee, Chairman of the Industry Advisory Committee of RMIT Vietnam, Member of the School Advisory Committee of RMIT Melbourne, CIMA assessor, Co-founder and Vice-Chair of the International Project Management Association of Vietnam, as well as founder, co-founder, CEO, CFO, and investor of multiple start-ups.

Rick is a highly sought-after speaker and thought leader on a wide range of topics, including Talent, Accounting, ERP, Technology, Digital Transformation, Project Management, Doing Business in Vietnam, UK-Vietnam relations, and Vietnam inward investment. He is an active promoter of CIMA and has a passion for coaching, having earned a wide array of certifications, including Certified Coaching and Mentoring Professional (CCMP), Leaders Create Leaders, Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, OKR Champion, Ikigai Coach, Certified Chief Master Coach (CCMC), and Certified Business Coach (CBC).

In short, Rick is a true visionary who combines deep business acumen with a passion for coaching and mentoring. His ability to help companies and individuals achieve their goals and reach unprecedented levels of success is unmatched, and his expertise and experience are highly sought-after in the business world.


HR DIrector – Antena Group

In over 15 years of experience in HR, Madalina has demonstrated that in order to follow the ideal career path from junior to director, this “only” requires competence, rigor and constant adaptation to the dynamics of the industry, the market and the world in general.
Currently, as Human Resources Director at Antena Group, a company with over 3000 employees and collaborators, Mădălina Poenaru coordinates specific integrated activities, without giving up the particular objective that has become her passion:  the selection, recruitment and development of the exceptional in the profession, in short, talent management.


TV Producer – EM 360 Group

Ambassador of Entrepreneurship within the Antreprenor 2020 project, I am an entrepreneur in constant search of new opportunities and ideas. I was born in Cluj-Napoca in 1979, and I studied Business and Marketing in Germany.
I worked in investments and real estate development fields. About 11 years ago I established PhotoMedia – later transformed into the EM360 GROUP – an expanding agency focused on creative marketing, media productions, communication, and reputational management. I have also gained a vast experience in television, both as a TV producer, and presenter, as well as a co-producer, and format developer. 
Thus, as part of the group, EM360 Studio was launched in 2019 – a web-TV channel focusing on premium sets of productions in infotainment, business / entrepreneurship and talk fields.


Training Manager and Philosophical Advisor – Autonom Group

He has 10 years of experience in sales, 8 years in management and over 7 years as Training Manager with activities ranging from counselling and philosophical consulting, training, coaching and consulting.
He has graduated from the University of Theology, the University of Psychology and has a Master’s Degree in Philosophical Counselling and Consulting.
Mihail has hundreds of hours of practice after graduating from two “Train the Trainers” courses, two ICF certifications – POINTS OF YOU™ PRACTITIONER with Points of You™ L1 and L2 level accreditation (creative tools for training, coaching and personal development) and “The Art & Science of Coaching” level 1 and 2, APPA certification in Dilemma Facilitation Training, The Theory and Process of Logic-Based Therapy certificate, courses in Consultative Selling, Public Speaking and Psych-K™ certification.


Vice President Human Resources – Tuborg România

Desiree Diaconescu has an experience of over 22 years in Human Resources Management. She has been working at Tuborg Romania for over 24 years and since 2009 she has been the Vice-President of Human Resources. Desiree is a Law graduate, but she continued her studies in the field of HR, studies that were concluded with a Master of Arts in Human Resources Management from the University of Westminster in London.


White Collar Crime & Employment Practice Coordinator – Noerr

Oana Piticaş has extensive experience in criminal law, business crimes, criminal liability and criminal defence strategy, especially with foreign and local companies. She specializes in legal assistance and representation of local or foreign companies in all stages of a criminal investigation, internal and fraud investigations, compliance and dawn raid. Oana has also experience in employment law, real estate transactions, corporate matters and civil disputes.


Head of the Litigation & Compliance Department – Noerr

Alexandru Ene-Drăgan has extensive experience in process management and strategic mandate execution, especially in civil law, commercial law, labor law and real estate law disputes, as well as in insolvency procedures and white collar crime. He coordinates also the compliance practice, having experience in implementing and developing compliance programs, planning and structuring internal investigations, as well as providing prevention programs and trainings.


Senior Consultant, Culture & Wellbeing – AON

Armina is a self-discovery and personal development fanatic, who understands happiness comes from the “withinside” a brutally honest truth-seeker, who believes we should avoid the comfort zone even more than the friend zone, an avid reader with a sense of humor, who thinks the playfulness of life is what makes it worth living and a disruptive professional who helps organizations turn their culture into popular culture for their people. Over the past seven years, she has been working on creating the perfect recipe for a successful and happy life, in which limitations become opportunities for growth, fears spur change and regrets inspire gratitude. She is also the author of “Let’s Get Physical”, a leadership guide for rational managers, based on physics, math and chemistry.


Director, Health & Benefits Practice CEE – AON

Adrian is leading AON’s CEE health solutions practice, having a deep knowledge of employee benefits. He has been involved in hundreds of benefit plan set-ups, negotiations and tenders creating a culture of added value to all that decide to partner with Aon. He is committed to promoting resilience and wellbeing as key aspects of a thriving organizational culture.

Adrian is an optimist by nature, who believes there is always a solution and encourages “responsibility”, “fun” and “value” as ingredients for a great life balance. He gets his energy and passion from his family, especially his 4- and 6-year-old daughters, but also from the team’s stories and successes. He is serial traveller, a single origin coffee lover, always with an ear out for good music, and a new slope on which to challenge his skis.


Head of Commercial – SanoPass

As a manager with over 20 years of experience in different areas such as financial consulting, sales, and operational management in the health and wellbeing industry, Oana truly understands the needs and behaviors of her clients. Her previous experience at Hyundai Auto Romania, World Class Romania, and Ipso has brought her numerous benefits, such as a deep understanding of the importance of customer satisfaction, the ability to lead and motivate teams towards achieving their goals, and a strategic mindset when it comes to identifying new business opportunities.

Throughout her career, Oana has always prioritized her clients’ needs and expectations, which has been the foundation of her success. This approach has allowed her to shape successful businesses and drive growth in her previous roles. Today, as the Commercial Director of SanoPass by Medlife, Oana leverages her extensive knowledge and experience to identify new market opportunities and provide exceptional service to SanoPass clients, prioritizing their needs and expectations above all else.


Founder & CEO Learn&GO & 4CAREER

I have over 18 years’ experience in training and developing consulting and sales teams. I am Trainer, Supervisor and Career Consultant, a certified VIA-Consiliere, Great People Inside and HOGAN Assessment (HPI, HDS and MVPI) dimensions through HART Consulting (endorsed by the Romanian College of Psychologists).

– Career Counselling
– Vocational guidance
– Talent management
– Nonverbal communication
– Training
– Team Building

Work experience:
– Speaker at national and international events (France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary)
– Author of the booklet “Success in Hiring – from cover letter to interview”
– Entrepreneur, founding 3 companies (LEARN&GO, Romartizanat and Perform Media).


Mindfulness and soft-skills trainer

Cătălin Blaga is a mindfulness and soft-skills trainer who turns business experience and psychology into impactful programs. He is also a leadership researcher who has written about how mindfulness can help leaders navigate a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world. Cătălin has a passion for humans and has studied emotional intelligence, sales, management and psychology. He has written about how mindfulness can help people deal with stress and how it can be used to improve organizational performance in a VUCA world.


CPO Great People Inside /
CEO Great People Inside Romania

HOST | 18th edition

Doru Dima is a successful entrepreneur and manager, with an experience of over 25 years in the HR field and a PhD in Work and Organisational Psychology. Founder and CEO of Dima Consulting Group and Profiles International Romania, both positioned as some of the top consulting service providers in the HR and Management fields, he implemented and managed a series of important national and international projects.

Starting with May 2015, he became Co-founder of Great People Inside, an international company that develops customised human resources assessments adapted to the specific of the company and the job, being a unique concept in the HR industry. The assessments are provided through a new technology, a Talent Management Assessments Solutions Platform, cloud-based, configurable and 100% customisable.



TV Producer – EM 360 Group


TV Presenter


Great People Inside conferences are the most prestigious HR events in Romania and represent impactful conferences in the Eastern Europe region by putting together an impressive speaker line-up by attracting an exclusive community of leaders, innovators, industry influencers, and workforce technology buyers from all over the world.

Throughout the years, all our efforts focused on creating a world-class platform for HR specialists, business leaders, decision-makers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, technology buyers, and disruptors to present, discuss, and trade expertise in the rapidly evolving world of work, share good practices and present cross-cultural differences in human resource management.


Conferences since 2003






Leads and meetings


Represented companies


*The Events’ Agenda may suffer modifications

EVERYTHING HR | 24-25 May 2023, Qosmo Hotel, Brasov

Brasov by Night Invitat Special

Why are Great People Inside Conferences unique?

EVERYTHING HR | 24-25 May 2023, Qosmo Hotel, Brasov

Business development

It is the only gathering in Romania for innovative HR leaders with global and European responsibilities representing the largest companies in the world.

Inspirational content

Follow a lineup of over 50 inspirational, world-renowned speakers representing the true ‘who is who in HR and global leadership on the stage in two conference days.

Buyer seller ratio that you can not beat

An HR-to-vendor ratio you won’t get anywhere else, with over 75% of our audience representing top HR leaders in Romania.

Great community

Join an exclusive community of leaders, innovators, industry influencers, decision-makers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and workforce technology buyers.

Make an impact by giving back to society

Over the past six years, we joined forces as a community within our events to support worthy causes that are changing lives.

Lead generation

Engaging with relevant industry customers guarantees new lead generation and improves your bottom line.

Unconventional social events

A unique opportunity to connect and engage with participants and speakers in intimate discussions during the Pre-Event Cocktail Reception (Invite only), Gala Dinner, Brasov by Night Party & all the networking moments throughout the two days of the conference.

Brand visibility

Take advantage of the best opportunity to build your brand credibility and position your organization as a leader in the HR industry.



It’s our chance to make an impact

Over the past 6 years we joined forces as a community within our events to support worthy causes that are literally changing lives.

This year we are supporting:

The Social Services Association SCUT (SCUT) for youth discharged from state care, adults with disabilities, children, youth and disadvantaged families from Brasov County.

“Best organised event”

The Great People Inside Conference is world class.
Is one of the best organised events I’ve had the pleasure to attend in the last 10 years.

William G. Harris
Chief Executive Officer
Association of Test Publishers (ATP)

“Very professional conference”

It is a very professional conference. There are a lot of people from different companies in Romania that also work internationally. The quality is high and very well organised.

Wilmar B. Schaufeli
Professor of Work
and Organizational Psychology


“A lot of chances to learn”

The conference is very professional. I really appreciate the effort of bringing a lot of speakers with different perspectives, both domestic and international. You have a lot of chances to learn.

Dan Hill
Founder & President
Sensory Logic


“There is a lot of variety”

It was great, it was very exciting! The conference itself looks so gorgeous. The people in the room are connected to what’s going on in the world, they feel good and they bring the best versions of themselves.

Deiric McCann
Head of International
Genos International


EVERYTHING HR | 24-25 May 2023, Qosmo Hotel, Brasov

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Everything HR – Great People Inside 2023 Conference | 24-25 May 2023, Qosmo Hotel Brasov


Leading you to your next client

With three months of pre-event marketing activity, a one of a kind audience and onsite experience you get nowhere else,
Everything HR Conference is your perfect gateway to your next client


Everything HR – Great People Inside 2023 Conference | 24-25 May 2023, Qosmo Hotel Brasov

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